Pottery Class

From January to April of 2016 I partook in a beginners pottery class at the North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre in Calgary, Alberta.  I had been looking for a way to supplement my existing artistic process with something a little different that still allowed me to explore in a meaningful way.  Learning to throw on the wheel has been equally challenging and satisfying.  I am so happy with the results and am finding it incredibly rewarding to create things that are not only beautiful (sometimes!) but practical.  All of these pieces are stoneware and were made with a focus on form and pattern.  I have kept the palette simple, using mainly white, black, and blue.  There is a sense of tradition with those colours that feels exciting to contribute to.  In my series of paintings currently called 'New Work' I have used layers of fabrics, papers, and objects to create the basis for the paintings.  My hope with these ceramics is to incorporate them into the initial stages of my paintings.  It will allow me much more freedom and room for experimentation when I am working on the composition.  The immediacy of throwing pottery allows for many opportunities to try new combinations of pattern and form and I am so excited about continuing my training.  During this time I worked with local ceramics artist Anna-Lise Schmidt, who is not only patient but very talented.  Check out her work here.